From Ideas To Applications


My name is Adrien Horgnies. I'm a software developer working as a consultant with 9 years of experience. The technologies I work with the most are Spring, Java, Maven, Jenkins, Linux, Bash, Git, Docker/Podman, Helm, and Kubernetes/Openshift.  Nowadays, most of my tasks fall in the category of DevOps. I speak fluent French and English.

During my free time, I'm having fun with Golang, Templ, HTMX and tailwindcss.



I work on a central platform, providing auditability, resilience, security, safety, scalability, and observability to other SWIFT projects. The deliverables include binaries, JARs, container images, documentation, guides, helm charts, and RPMs.

My main role is providing a smooth CI/CD experience with Maven, Jenkins, Helm, and OpenShift while respecting strict security and audit compliance. Some of my achievements are:



I joined forces with foreign tax departments, international partners and clients to bring Odoo accountability

module to new countries (Israel, Italy, Sweden, etc.).

I led a team of 4 developers to improve the performance of all Odoo modules. We achieved this by optimizing algorithms written in Python, batching/deduplicating SQL queries, and improving cache usage.



I worked on a customer facing website with a microservice architecture. I worked on various tasks:

And to achieve these tasks, I used technologies such as Spring, Angular, MySQL, Node.js, Python, Jenkins, Git, Jira, Maven, Ant, Phrase (i18n) and many more.

Furthermore, I collaborated to the open-source project JHipster, a developer tool written in Node.js that generates high quality distributed Spring / Angular applications.



Cadonym is an original project, it allows for organizing secret Santa events. I made it as I wasn't satisfied with existing solutions, and wanted to experiment with SvelteKit (a frontend framework).

It's divided into five components: Svelte (frontend), SvelteKit (SSR backend), Spring Boot (API backend), PostgreSQL (database) and Nginx (reverse proxy + SSL).

The website is hosted on a single VPS provided by Akamai Linode. It's automatically deployed using a GitHub action and an Ansible Script, which configures the Fedora system running all the components.


Contact me on or call me on +32 (0) 492570990.